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All of our tutors are now offering online tutoring.  Some tutors are also available for in-person tutoring.

Our tutors include classroom teachers, special educators, and math and physics PhD students. All have specialized backgrounds in math, science and/or the humanities, as well as extensive pedagogical experience. All excel at making material accessible, alleviating anxiety, and helping students find joy in learning.

Alexis K.  

Alexis is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS in Education.  She holds licenses to teach Elementary Education (K-6) and Special Education (K-8). Alexis has worked as a Math and Literacy Interventionist, and is currently a special educator for 4th and 5th grade students at the Thomas Fleming School in Essex Junction. She also recently began taking classes in pursuit of her M. Ed. in Special Education at Saint Michael’s College. Alexis spends her summers teaching sailing and spending as little time as possible indoors! When she is not teaching or in class herself, Alexis is most likely found on a sailboat, hiking, dreaming of future travel destinations, or in a cafe sipping coffee.

Ali BAli B.  

Ali grew up on a farm in Norwich, VT and spent her childhood in the outdoors. She attended Emory University in Atlanta, graduating with a dual degree in Environmental Studies and African Studies with a focus on Sustainable Agriculture. After college, Ali moved to Bozeman, Montana, where she worked as a youth ski instructor in the winters, and spent her summers as a ranch guide in Yellowstone National Park leading horseback riding trips. Ali began her journey into education in earnest when she led a group of high school students on a summer study abroad program to La Paz, Mexico. Since then, Ali has taught math and sciences in several alternative schools, including A Mountain Classroom, a hiking-based environmental education program in the White Mountains; The Traveling School, an all-girls semester school for high schoolers that travels through southern Africa while diving into a place-based curriculum of the region; and the Bozeman Field School, an experiential high school in Montana. Ali recently began her graduate studies at UVM, where she is working towards dual Master’s degrees in Education and Food Systems.

Amelia 20161010_153822 (1)T.

Amelia dedicated her undergraduate work at Hampshire College to developing remediation strategies for riparian conservation land in Massachusetts. She is now pursuing her master’s degree in mathematics at UVM. Over the past seven years Amelia has tutored students in science, math and writing. On sunny days, she can be found rock climbing throughout New England or paddling the coastlines of Lake Champlain with her dog Peaty. Most of all, Amelia enjoys working collaboratively with students using experiential, inquiry-based lessons to make meaningful connections with learning. Accepting new students

Amy B.

Amy is a US sailing instructor, active outdoors woman, previously licensed educator (20+ years), and world traveler who loves connections between mathematics, science, nature, and the arts.  Amy holds two master’s degrees in applied mathematics and applied statistics.  Her educator experience includes teaching middle school through high school students (public and boarding schools in NH, MA, and VT) and college adults in mathematics and statistics, as well as homeschooling two of her own children elementary through high school in all subjects.  Amy’s part time career and labor of love has been advocating for students and individuals with learning differences, including exceptional students.
Amy’s primary approach to tutoring is to create relationships with students (and their families) to facilitate open and motivating work environments.   She genuinely invests herself in her students as whole individuals bringing with her creative problem solving ideas and approaches.  With a goal to identify and remove barriers,  Amy seeks to inspire natural interest, set and achieve personal student goals, while truly enjoying time spent together.  When she’s not tutoring, Amy enjoys traveling and sailing in the Caribbean (when time permits), teaching sailing to the adaptive community in Burlington, and she remains actively involved in her adult children’s lives.   Amy desires to give back and share her skills with her local community.

Bo MBo M. 

Bo grew up on a homestead in Townshend, VT and spent much of his childhood outdoors. He attended Colorado College, graduating with a BA in English Literature. After undergrad, Bo returned to the Greens and began his journey as an educator. He spent the next four years coaching junior alpine skiing and tutoring middle through high school students in literature and essay-writing. These early experiences inspired Bo to take steps towards honing his craft. 
In 2020, Bo pursued graduate studies at UVM and earned his MAT with a focus on middle level curriculum and instruction. During his student-teaching practicum at Edmunds Middle School, Bo had the privilege of working with a highly-experienced team of teachers dedicated to implementing social justice education in the Burlington School District. Under their mentorship, Bo developed humanities lessons around concepts of social identity and systems of oppression and, subsequently, received the Teaching for Social Change Award. Since then, Bo has taught literacy from grades K-8 in alternative schools. Bo is also an instructor for Trapezium Math Club, an online elementary math enrichment program. This diverse range of experience across many different educational settings has led Bo to develop a cross-disciplinary skill set. He can provide quality academic support in elementary math, reading and writing and is a skilled writing tutor for upper grades, as well. Bo’s goal, both in the classroom and tutorial setting, is to foster a teacher-student relationship that cultivates intellectual curiosity and supports individuals in achieving their innate potential.  Accepting new students.

Brenna SBrenna S.

Brenna grew up in Rochester, NY and attended college at Villanova University. She graduated in 2017 with majors in Biology and Psychology and a minor in Spanish. Since then, she has worked in various outdoor guiding and environmental education jobs, sharing her love of the outdoors with learners of all ages in Alaska, Colorado, and Wyoming. She has developed and taught place-based, student-centered curriculum to engage students with their surroundings and encourage them to be the drivers of their own learning process. Brenna returned to the Northeast a couple of years ago to work in one of her favorite places in the world, the Adirondacks, teaching winter sports like snowboarding and Nordic skiing. More recently, she moved across the lake to Burlington to teach at an alternative high school program where she created interactive and community-oriented classes covering a variety of subjects.

Along with tutoring, Brenna leads bicycle trips around the Champlain Valley and works at an outdoor gear shop. Outside of work, she enjoys backpacking, running, climbing, learning how to fix bikes, and playing card games. Brenna is excited to work with students primarily in math, science, and test prep and is passionate about building relationships with her students, seeing their growth over time, and applying content to real-world scenarios.

Eric H-S.Eric H-S.

Eric is a licensed Professional Engineer (Electrical) in the state of Vermont. He has more than 20 patent applications filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He received his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Binghamton University in May 2015 and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Vermont in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He is currently an ASIC Product Development Engineer at GLOBALFOUNDRIES in Essex Junction, VT. Eric’s primary tutoring subjects are math and electrical engineering. Outside of work, Eric enjoys spending time with his two dogs, hiking, skiing and cooking.

Hayden C.  

Hayden is from Burlington, Vermont and holds a bachelor’s degree in Secondary English Education from Prescott College located in the mountains of Arizona. He has been working in schools since 2011, and is currently a long-term sub for 10th grade humanities at Colchester High School. “I am particularly interested teaching meta-cognitive skills that go into being a great student: organization, reading strategies, self-awareness, curiosity. Most skills are easier to practice than we think and can help us in every area of our lives.” Hayden tutors students in math, physics, reading/writing and test preparation. In his free time Hayden likes to practice mindfulness through meditation, play basketball, and laugh with his friends. Accepting new students

Helene SHelene S.

Helene is originally from just outside Boston. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Syracuse University. After graduation, Helene worked as a photographer and photo editor for various publications in Boston, Maine and Washington D.C. Helene is a career switcher and got her masters in special education from University of Virginia. She is currently employed at Montpelier High School as a special educator. Helene’s licensure is from kindergarten to age 22 in special education. She is trained in many literacy programs and enjoys working with all ages on reading and writing. When not working, Helene is spending time with her children and the many animals that live with them. If there is a spare moment, her favorite thing to do is curl up with one of those animals and a good book. She wants to share that love of reading with all children.  Accepting new students

headshot of a smiling man with brown hair wearing a suitJacob S.

Jacob holds a BA in Grammar, Rhetoric and Composition and a Master’s in PostModern American Literature. He has taught college English courses in France, English as a foreign language in Germany, and tutored students in English, math, and history in Seattle. His more recent scholastic experiences have been as a student rather than as teacher; he has returned to school and is currently finishing studies in Computer Science and Machine Learning. A one time line cook and pastry chef, in his free time Jacob bakes seasonal desserts, sources local ingredients, or goes hiking around Vermont when the weather permits.  Accepting new students.

Jared K.  

Jared holds a master’s degree in Mathematics from UVM. He has been tutoring for almost 13 years dating back to when he was a peer tutor during his undergraduate degree. More recently, he worked at Norwich University as a math specialist for their Academic Achievement Center. In his tutoring sessions he likes to incorporate many different styles of explanation to find his student’s best learning style. The moments he enjoys most about tutoring are when everything just clicks into place for his tutee. His favorite class to tutor is calculus but he also has a lot of experience in statistics, pre-calculus, algebra, and geometry. When he is not tutoring he enjoys baking bread, playing board games, and hiking. Accepting new students

Jeremy AJeremy A.

Jeremy is a current medical student at the University of Vermont – Robert Larner College of Medicine. In his undergraduate studies, he majored in Biochemistry and Public Health. Initially, he was torn between pursuing a career in Financial Applications or Public Health, but in the end he chose neither (take that Wall Street!) and decided to become a Physician to help the underserved. During some of his courses, he vividly remembers being referred to as the “Calculus God” because he enjoyed applied mathematics so much.   Jeremy is great at imbuing his students with feelings of confidence and and helping them enjoy their coursework. One of Jeremy’s core tenets is to be passionate about what you do, regardless of the task and you will reap nominal rewards! That passion is the driving force behind his approach to learning.

In our current academic climate, Jeremy truly believes innate knowledge is not sufficient. Being able to think critically and flexibly will offer dividends in many of today’s most competitive disciplines. Hard work and perseverance are paramount in achieving academic success. These are values Jeremy instills in all of his students and are life-long skills needed to succeed in any endeavor.In the crucible of difficult learning environments, he has helped students with SAT prep, ACT prep and tutored others in Organic Chemistry, Trigonometry, Physics, Biology, Biochemistry, Algebra, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Writing skills, Statistics, Reading, Basketball and Futbol de Americano (Football) and Soccer. He has tutored clients of all ages, of all backgrounds–a potpourri of demographics. He is a firm believer in habit and perseverance, qualities he hopes to instill in his students. Accepting new students.

Joe C.Joe C.

Joe grew up in Poughkeepsie, New York and graduated from Binghamton University with a double major in Biology and Mathematics.  He moved to Albany, New York with his family and earned his Master’s in Education from the College of St. Rose.  After teaching middle school math and science for three years, he moved to New York City and taught high school math at a private school in Queens.  His journey has now taken him to Middlebury, Vermont where he teaches mathematics at the local middle school.  Joe has been tutoring since his college days and has helped a wide range of students.  He tries to build an impactful relationship with his students through empathy and common interests such as sports, enjoying the outdoors, cooking, and reading.

Kate MKate M.

Kate is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and grew up spending time in the city parks, later returning to help build connections between school groups and public outdoor spaces. In 2019 she graduated from UVM with a degree in art history and philosophy, specializing in the philosophy of aesthetics. Kate has worked for the Burlington School District in a variety of roles, including as a substitute teacher, special educator, and ELL support. She is experienced in elementary education and prioritizes not only technical knowledge, but social and emotional learning as well; Kate employs a trauma-informed methodology to teaching, emphasizing a co-creative relationship between students and educators in order to build resilient learners and community members.

Katy CWKaty C. W.

Katy has been a math teacher for over a decade, teaching mathematics at the college and high school levels. Katy’s own interest in math began at Smith College where she earned her BA in mathematics, studying calculus, chaos theory and number theory at advanced levels. After teaching for several years and studying art, another passion, Katy earned her master’s in mathematics education (MEd.) from the University of Washington in Seattle. Her interests extend beyond mathematics to working with students to fully understand the concepts and intricacies of learning: getting to know one’s self as a learner, working with organization and study-skills for adolescents and encouraging students to advocate for their learning in the classroom. Katy has tutored subject matter for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, Praxis and college entrance examinations as well as writing and Physics. In her educational research, Katy focuses on the engagement of students with mathematics as informed by the students’ own identities as math learners. Katy is a Vermonter who loves skiing, kayaking and all things outdoors.

Kyler S.

Kyler earned a master’s degree in mathematics at the University of Vermont in 2012, and is currently working at Champlain College and Vermont Commons School. Before graduate school, Kyler pushed himself to try something challenging and completed a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. He enjoyed the hike so much that he did it again in 2015 with his fiancée! While tutoring, Kyler works to approach problems from an angle each student can relate to and strives to pull out that big “aha!” moment of understanding from the student. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, biking, and playing Magic the Gathering. Accepting new students

Laura W.

Laura is a full-time Spanish teacher at Essex High School where in addition to teaching, she is the Curriculum Content Leader for World Languages. This year, Laura is teaching Spanish 4, 5, and AP Spanish. Laura is originally  from Rutland, and attended the University of Vermont. She moved to South Burlington  with her two children in 2010 from Philadelphia, PA, where they had lived for seventeen years.  Laura has a daughter who is a junior in high school and a son who graduated last year.  At 5:30am each weekday morning you can find Laura out in the field for her two mile walk with her beloved dog Sammie and at 5:30pm sitting with her kitty by the fire. Laura loves teaching and working with students whether it be in the classroom or in a one-one-one tutoring session.  Accepting new students.

Lexie PLexie P.

Lexie is originally from Concord, New Hampshire. She graduated from St. Lawrence University with a bachelor’s in English Literature and a minor in Creative Writing. Over the summers she has taught Creative Writing and Myths and Legends through the Duke Talent Identification Program. During the school year she is a graduate student and teaching assistant at the University of Vermont, continuing her studies in literature.  Lexie has also worked as an assistant teacher for reading comprehension.  When she’s not reading or writing, Lexie is playing guitar and singing in her band The Sundials. She can also be found on the summits of the Green Mountains with snacks and lots of sunscreen.

Luc C.-W.Luc C.-W.

Luc is pursuing a MS in Statistics at the University of Vermont. He has over 5 years of experience working with students of all ages and helping them grapple with challenging questions and improve their study skills. His favorite topics to tutor are Math and Statistics. Luc has two dogs–a goldendoodle named Bella and Elvis, a Chihuahua mix.

Malisa GMalisa G.

Malisa grew up in Wisconsin and has lived in the Burlington area since 2003. She has a B.S. in Elementary Education, as well as a M.Ed. She’s taught in public and private schools and homeschooled her own son. Certified in Waldorf Education, she employs arts, storytelling, and movement to teach academic skills. She taught grades 1-8 at the Lake Champlain Waldorf School in Shelburne for fifteen years. Her areas of expertise are child development and early literacy, though she enjoys finding ways to enliven learning in all subject areas. Malisa is also an author of poetry and a jewelry artist.  Accepting new students

Photo of a smiling woman with short brown hair, glasses, and a gray sweaterMegan H. 

Megan specializes in English language, literature, and essay writing. She is a long-time Chittenden County resident and currently lives in Winooski. Megan attended UVM where she studied English and Theatre, and studied education at Saint Michael’s College. She has taught English at Burlington High School, Saint Michael’s College, and UVM. She loves reading and writing and especially loves to nerd out over books with others. In her free time, Megan loves to relax and read, garden, and hike with her dog, Maya.

Nick ANick A.

Nick grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts and graduated from UVM with a B.S. in mathematics and a minor in computer science. He now works as a freelance data scientist/strategist, and spends his summers guiding youth wilderness trips across the United States and Canada. He is a passionate educator who believes in applying quantitative concepts to real-world problems to facilitate comprehension. Nick’s areas of expertise are in statistics, algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, and computer programming. He is also experienced in teaching students with learning disabilities. When Nick isn’t tutoring, he enjoys backcountry skiing, trail running, rock climbing, and reading.

Shari B.Shari B.

Shari has a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Massachusetts and studied education at the University of New Mexico before getting her teaching license for secondary level math. She has been teaching, both in the classroom and as a tutor, for over 15 years, and although she has also worked in computer programming and finance, she feels teaching is her calling. Tutoring is Shari’s favorite form of teaching because it allows her to focus on a single student’s needs and to get to know that student as a learner and a person.  Shari is comfortable and adept at working with students in grades 7 through 12 on all math topics (i.e. basic math through calculus), as well as with the math portion of SAT and ACT.  She has considerable experience working with students with learning disabilities and math phobias. She enjoys helping students with extra learning challenges identify their strengths and develop an understanding of themselves as learners. She has an encouraging and respectful tutoring style and often includes support with organization and prioritization in her tutoring sessions. Shari lives in Charlotte with her husband Eric and daughter Lily. When she is not tutoring, you may find her gardening, bicycling, shopping yard sales, or reading books about math and physics. Accepting new students

Tim Z.Tim Z.

Tim is a retired science teacher from Stowe Vermont.  He has taught science in high school and middle school throughout his 36 year career with a primary concentration in chemistry and physics on the high school level, including AP courses.  Tim received his Masters Degree in Chemistry and Physics Education from Montana State University and his Biochemistry Degree from Cook College of Rutgers University. In addition to teaching in the classroom setting, Tim has enjoyed being a tutor, both at a local ski academy and privately throughout his years of teaching. Tim has tutored students from middle school to college in introductory chemistry and physics.  Along with Tim’s passion for the sciences and teaching, Tim is a big fan of sports having previously coached a variety of sports, including girls and boys soccer, skiing, baseball, and tennis. Tim loves sharing his love for sports, the outdoors, and Vermont with his wife and four grown children.  Accepting new students.