Over the years we’ve had excellent reviews from students, parents and teachers. Here are some of the great things people have said about our work:

“I think there was more to your tutoring than simply your skills in teaching her the mechanics.  I think that part of what motivated her to learn was her relationship with you.  She could have just dragged herself to her tutoring sessions, but I think that, as she got to know you, she realized you were on her side and someone she could relate to.”

—parent of student doing SAT prep

“I really learn better when the math is connected to a story!”

—middle school student

“This is literally a first, that [my child] has recounted a tutoring session with excitement!

—parent of a middle school student

“You have awakened in him and supported a love of math that has truly been life altering! It has been beautiful to see his love of math and his confidence develop and blossom over time  . . . he is looking forward to starting calculus in the fall! I feel like his joy in math and his growing confidence has affected all areas of his life positively. As he continues to grow and change, I know his love of math, fostered in so many ways by your patience, enthusiasm and sense of fun will stay with him!”

—parent of a homeschooled student

“She is getting As and Bs [ . . .] but even more special is seeing her confidence in both math and science come full circle from someone who struggled and didn’t feel she could do it to someone who is ready for any challenge in these two subjects.”

—parent of a high school student

“For the first time last night, she came home and said that her brain was well exercised and was able to go to sleep right away!”

—parent of a student taking enrichment courses

Tutoring helped me unlock a talent for mathematics that I never knew I had. Under her guidance, I completed four years of math in just three, while still exploring fascinating areas of higher mathematics.”

—homeschooled student

“She has really made a connection with [my daughter] and her work has really soared because of it. All of your tutors have been outstanding so I trust you will make the right choice when it comes to [finding a new tutor].”

—parent of a middle school student

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